2022 new models

It is our privilege to unveil 8 new models in 2022. This year, we are expanding our families of sofas, armchairs, chairs and sectionals. As always, we have listened to you in order to offer you models that meet your expectations and provide you with strong alternatives within our already extensive catalogue. This year, we have developed some light and refined models that give pride of place to wood through extensive work on the legs and backrest. We are also unveiling models with more imposing proportions, but always guided by our obsession with comfort. Finally, 2022 sees the birth of 2 new Longchairs that should not leave you unmoved!

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Whether in the 3-seater (230 cm) or 4-seater (320 cm) version, Rochester imposes its style with serenity and elegance. The model focuses on the seat, with its imposing seating cushions and lighter cushions for the backrest. The armrests also play on this duality: their width is compensated for by being set back from the front of the sofa. As a significant twist, we have imagined the possibility of integrating a footstool for the 4-seater version. Rochester then becomes an XXL sofa, much to the delight of lovers of large spaces.


Crawford is a real call to lightness. An ode to purity, this 2 or 3-seater sofa seems to float in the room and invites you to curl up in its large cushions that act as a backrest. Observers will notice that they rest on a reduced frame from which the curved, slender armrests seem to emerge most naturally. The beech legs are available in a dozen different finishes.


Without a doubt, one of the most daring new products in the 2022 collection! The Davidson further emphasizes our desire to place a larger focus on woodwork. For this model, we selected ash for its unique properties: it is elastic, hard and resistant. The result is an armchair where the legs and armrests not only support the seat but also define the style of the model. The Davidson seems to be plunging forward and taking us straight into the future of interior design.


Welcome to business class! The Garfield model is a direct reference to the VIP lounges of the finest airports. The backrest of this new armchair literally wraps the user in a protective cocoon. Even better, an additional cushion provides the extra comfort that only the best seats can offer. The Garfield is a declaration of love to our customers: you are special to us!


The Savannah will undoubtedly become a symbol of Marie’s Corner’s exceptional expertise. The sectional’s backrest and armrest are made from a single piece of perfectly smooth wood, creating an astonishing result. The woodwork, so important to the Belgian company, finds here a setting that is both comfortable and visually striking.


The Jenkins surprises with its apparent humility. Seen from the front, the sectional appears to be an assembly of geometric shapes: the seat seems to stretch out like a long rectangle, simply enhanced by a rounded armrest and a square backrest. But the devil is in the details! As you rise, you become aware of the lines of its seat, which come together to form a trapezoid. The sum of these elements gives the Jenkins a truly distinctive look, in line with the mission statement of Marie’s Corner.


Glenn-C is the latest addition to an already 25-strong family of chairs. But don’t expect it to be a mere background actor! Glenn-C immediately makes its mark with a style all its own, stripped of all superfluous elements. Its round legs seem to stretch to infinity and extend to support both the seat and the backrest. The backrest is in the form of an arch with sleek lines.


The Glenn-T is a natural evolution of its little sister: a chair that puts the emphasis on woodwork. Standing on slender but sturdy ash legs, the Glenn-T seems to be looking to the future with the certainty of imposing a style all its own.

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